Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Following is the text of a
televised speech delivered by
Hosni Mubarak on Tuesday after
a million Egyptians took to the
streets demanding the president
leave office:
"I talk to you during critical times
that are testing Egypt and its
people which could sweep them
into the unknown.
"The country is passing through
difficult times and tough
experiences which began with
noble youths and citizens who
practise their rights to peaceful
demonstrations and protests,
expressing their concerns and
aspirations but they were quickly
exploited by those who sought
to spread chaos and violence,
confrontation and to violate the
constitutional legitimacy and to
attack it.
"Those protests were
transformed from a noble and
civilised phenomenon of
practising freedom of expression
to unfortunate clashes, mobilised
and controlled by political forces
that wanted to escalate and
worsen the situation.
"They targeted the nation's
security and stability through
acts of provocation theft and
looting and setting fires and
blocking roads and attacking
vital installations and public and
private properties and storming
some diplomatic missions.
"We are living together painful
days and the most painful thing
is the fear that affected the huge
majority of Eyptians and caused
concern and anxiety over what
tomorrow could bring them and
their families and the future of
their country.
"The events of the last few days
require us all as a people and as
a leadership to chose between
chaos and stability and to set in
front of us new circumstances
and a new Egyptian reality which
our people and armed forces
must work with wisely and in the
interest of Egypt and its citizens.
"Dear bothers and citizens, I took
the initiative of forming a new
government with new priorities
and duties that respond to the
demand of our youth and their
"I entrusted the vice-president
with the task of holding dialogue
with all the political forces and
factions about all the issues that
have been raised concerning
political and democratic reform
and the constitutional and
legislative amendments required
to realise these legitimate
demands and to restore law and
"But there are some political
forces who have refused this call
to dialogue, sticking to their
particular agendas without
concern for the current delicate
circumstances of Egypt and its
"In light of this refusal to the call
for dialogue and this is a call
which remains standing, I direct
my speech today directly to the
people, its Muslims and
Christians, old and young,
peasants and workers, and all
Egyptian men and women in the
countryside and city over the
whole country.
"I have never, ever been seeking
power and the people know the
difficult circumstances that I
shouldered my responsibility and
what I offered this country in
war and peace, just as I am a
man from the armed forces and
it is not in my nature to betray
the trust or give up my
responsibilities and duties.
"My primary responsibility now is
security and independence of the
nation to ensure a peaceful
transfer of power in
circumstances that protect Egypt
and the Egyptians and allow
handing over responsibility to
whoever the people choose in
the coming presidential election.
"I say in all honesty and
regardless of the current
situation that I did not intend to
nominate myself for a new
presidential term. I have spent
enough years of my life in the
service of Egypt and its people.
"I am now absolutely determined
to finish my work for the nation
in a way that ensures handing
over its safe-keeping and
banner ... preserving its
legitimacy and respecting the
"I will work in the remaining
months of my term to take the
steps to ensure a peaceful
transfer of power.
"According to my constitutional
powers, I call on parliament in
both its houses to discuss
amending Article 76 and 77 of
the constitution concerning the
conditions on running for
presidency of the republic and it
sets specific a period for the
presidential term.
"In order for the current
parliament in both houses to be
able to discuss these
constitutional amendments and
the legislative amendments
linked to it for laws that
complement the constitution and
to ensure the participation of all
the political forces in these
discussions, I demand parliament
to adhere to the word of the
judiciary and its verdicts
concerning the latest cases
which have been legally
"I will entrust the new
government to perform in ways
that will achieve the legitimate
rights of the people and that its
performance should express the
people and their aspirations of
political, social and economic
reform and to allow job
opportunities and combating
poverty, realising social justice.
"In this context, I charge the
police apparatus to carry out its
duty in serving the people,
protecting the citizens with
integrity and honour with
complete respect for their rights,
freedom and dignity.
"I also demand the judicial and
supervisory authorities to take
immediately the necessary
measures to continue pursuing
outlaws and to investigate those
who caused the security disarray
and those who undertook acts of
theft, looting and setting fires
and terrorising citizens.
"This is my pledge to the people
during the last remaining
months of my current term.
"I ask God to help me to honour
this pledge to complete my
vocation to Egypt and its people
in what satisfies God, the nation
and its people.
"Dear citizens, Egypt will emerge
from these current
circumstances stronger, more
confident and unified and stable.
And our people will emerge with
more awareness of how to
achieve reconciliation and be
more determined not to
undermine its future and destiny.
"Hosni Mubarak who speaks to
you today is proud of the long
years he spent in the service of
Egypt and its people. This dear
nation is my country, it is the
country of all Egyptians, here I
have lived and fought for its sake
and I defended its land, its
sovereignty and interests and on
this land I will die and history will
judge me and others for our
merits and faults.
"The nation remains. Visitors
come and go but ancient Egypt
will remain eternal, its banner
and safekeeping will pass from
one generation to the next. It is
up to us to ensure this in pride
and dignity."

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