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Born 1979 (age 31–32)
Nationality Norwegian[2]
Other names Andrew Berwick
Ethnicity Norwegian
Education Business
Occupation Businessman
Known for 2011 Norway
Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Religion Christian[4][5]
Anders Behring Breivik (born
February 1979)[1] is a
Norwegian citizen and the self-
admitted[6] perpetrator of the
2011 Norway attacks. Police
believe he acted alone but have
not ruled out the possibility of an
Main article: 2011 Norway
On 22 July 2011, Breivik allegedly
approached aLabour Party youth
camp on Utøya island, posing as
a police officer, and then opened
fire on the adolescents present,
reportedly killing at least 92.[10]
[11] He has also been linked with
the bomb blasts which had taken
place approximately two hours
earlier in Oslo. He was arrested
on Utøya, and is currently in
police custody. Following his
apprehension, Breivik was
characterized by officials as
being a right-wing extremist.[12]
According to Reuters and the
BBC, deputy police chiefRoger
Andresen described Breivik as a
"Christian fundamentalist",[5][4]
though he was reportedly a
former member of the
conservative/classical liberal[13]
Progress Party.[14] According to
the newspaper Verdens Gang, he
has no previous history with the
police, apart from traffic
violations.[9] According to the
same source, Breivik has a Glock
pistol, a rifle and a shotgun
registered to his name. Breivik
moved in late June or early July to
the rural small town ofRena in
Åmot, Hedmark county, about
140 km (86 miles) northeast of
Oslo,[9] where he operated a
farming sole proprietorship
under the name "Breivik
Geofarm".[15] According to
Reuters, a farming supplier had
sold to Breivik's company six
tonnes of fertilizer in May.[16]
Fertilizer can be used to produce
fertilizer explosives, although
fertilizer explosives were not
reported to have been used in
the attacks.[9]
Breivik is described by
newspaperVerdens Gang as
considering himself a nationalist.
[9] He is also a former member of
the Progress Party (FrP) and its
youth wing FpU. According to the
current FpU leader Ove Vanebo,
Breivik was active early in the
2000s, but he left the party in
2007 as his viewpoints became
more extreme.[17]
Breivik described himself as
being interested inhunting and
computer games, including
World of Warcraft and Modern
Warfare 2.[18]
Breivik identified himself in a
multitude ofsocial media
services as an admirer of, among
others, Winston Churchill,[19]
Max Manus,[19] and Dutch
politician Geert Wilders, whose
political party he described as
"the only true party for
conservatives".[20] On Twitter he
paraphrased philosopher John
Stuart Mill, "One person with a
belief is equal to the force of
100,000 who have only
interests".[9][21] He was
reportedly at some time a
Freemason[22] a member of St.
John's Lodge in Oslo.[23]
Breivik is reported to have
written many posts on the
described by Aftenposten as
"Islam-critical and Israel-friendly".
[25] He also attended meetings
of "Documents venner" (Friends
of Document), affiliated with the
website.[26] Dagens Næringsliv
writes that Breivik sought to
start a Norwegian version of the
Tea Party movement in
cooperation with the owners of, but that they, after
expressing initial interest,
ultimately turned down his
proposal because he did not
have the contacts he promised.
[27] Due to the media attention
on his internet activity following
the 2011 attacks,
compiled a complete list of
comments made by Breivik on its
website between September
2009 and June 2010.[28][29][30]
Breivik wrote that it was
essential to "fight" for a "Judeo-
Christian Europe", praised the
rejection of "anti-Jewish views"
and stated that "the new
Conservatist ‘new right’ is rapidly
developing into a pro-Israel, anti-
Jihad alliance."[31] He applauds
Israel, and considers Israel to be
a victim of alleged "cultural
Marxists" who "see Israel as a
'racist' state".[32]
Breivik penned a 1,500-page
long manifesto titled 2083 — A
European Declaration of
Independence, under the
pseudonym "Andrew Berwick",
published in 2011. In the
document he describes his
background and dis

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