Monday, January 31, 2011

Harga petrol naik lagi?

Sumber:malaysiakini dan malaysiainsider

RON97 up 10 sen/L at
midnight, sources say
RON97 is subject to a managed
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 31 — The
price of RON97 petrol will be
increased by 10 sen to RM2.50
effective midnight, according to
industry sources.
The price of the premium fuel
was last raised on January 4, also
by 10 sen.
The government announced on
July 16 last year that the price of
RON97 will be subjected to a
managed float to reflect the price
of oil on the global market.
The latest increase will, however,
not affect other fuels.
The base grade RON95 petrol
remains at RM1.90 per litre,
diesel at RM1.80 per litre, and LPG
at RM1.90 per kg. The
government currently subsidises
30 sen of the RON 95 fuel cost.
The Najib administration has
opted to gradually slash
subsidies as a way to reduce
government deficit.
The government’s Performance
Management and Delivery Unit
(Pemandu) had said last year that
savings from fuel subsidy cuts
amounted to about RM3 billion
last year. This number will rise to
RM14 billion this year, RM21
billion in 2012, RM29.5 billion in
2013, and RM35 billion in 2014.

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